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Our signature plant-based white chocolate made using whole cashews, coconut and cacao butter with a sprinkling of Pink Lake salt.


Starting with our caramel chocolate, we add lemon essential oil to perfectly recreate the zesty flavour of lemon cheesecake


A creamy, smooth & vibrant chocolate bar. We’ve creamed cashews to make the base of this bar with organic wild raspberry powder giving a berry tang.


A unique velvety & rich chocolate bar, we use ground coconut as a base to create the milk-like quality of our signature version of a ‘milk’ chocolate.


Our tribute to the purity of real cacao, we make this bar using only two ingredients; unroasted cacao beans & evaporated coconut nectar.


We infuse our dark chocolate with organic peppermint essential oil to give the bar a crisp, fresh bite, enhanced by a crunchy hit of raw cacao nibs.

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