Our Footprint 

Regeneration of the planet is the task of our lifetime. It’s no longer about Sustainability. Sustaining what we are doing will not take us to where we need to be. Instead we need regenerative practices that help replenish and rejuvenate. Only then will we have something we can sustain. This is a long, communal journey we’re embarking on and we’re just at the beginning.

For our part, we use raw, regenerative cacao grown by the Asháninka community in the remote Peruvian Amazon, the place where cacao originated.

Their heirloom Criollo Amazonico Cacao travels from the rainforest 100 miles by canoe down the Amazon River to get to the nearest road. The community has been growing this cacao for generations. We’ve worked closely with them and the Rainforest Foundation UK to help establish the organically certified ‘Kemito Ene’ cooperative.

We don’t roast our cacao beans meaning the beans are in their purest, most essential form and minimally processed so that the chocolate is nutritionally dense and full of flavour.

Our outer chocolate boxes are made from 97% post-consumer fibreboard with vegetable ink dyes.

Even the wrappers that look like plastic are in fact made from plants! They’re made with cellulose from sustainably managed trees and corn starch polymer from non-GMO corn. They’re completely home compostable.

We are a proud contributor to the Climate Collaborative movement; a community of businesses in the natural products industry who have pledged to take bold action to counter climate change.



Every bar is:



Gluten and soy free

Cane sugar free

Certified organic


Ethically produced

Directly traded

Made with regenerative cacao

Wrapped in compostable packaging

Made in a solar powered factory