Our Story

In 2000, Loving Earth founder Scott Fry was living in India when he met Creative Director and fellow Aussie, Martha Butler. He was working with Adivasi rice farmers near Mumbai, who were converting their topsoil into bricks and shipping it out of the valley. It was while sitting on an Indian bus reading David Suzuki’s book “Naked Ape to Super Species” that he had an epiphany. He needed to create a way of helping farmers protect their long-term livelihood and their land.

Six years later, after the pair had been living in Mexico and working with several large indigenous cooperatives there, they moved back to Melbourne, Australia, bringing with them the ingredients to create the very first chocolate bar. Their inner-city rental house was HQ, with a night shift at a local bakery as the manufacturing site, hand-wrapping each bar at the kitchen table. 

Loving Earth was born.

Our Philosophy

We believe in living consciously.

This means listening to our own bodies and our own inner guidance, in the moment. We firmly believe that as we take the time to become more conscious on a personal level, we naturally become more conscious of what’s happening around us and the impact of our choices.

We are a 360° brand.

Each aspect of what we do matters to us…from the people who grow the ingredients, the ingredients themselves, the beauty of our planet-friendly packaging, the Loving Earth chocolate making crew, our commitment to real food and delicious chocolate, and to real change on this planet. The list goes on.

We only use wholefood, organic, plant-based ingredients that have true nutritional value. We don’t add any fillers or preservatives whatsoever. Minimal ingredients, minimal processing, wholefood, zero animal products.